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If you’re looking to launch a new website or app but can’t decide between Python and PHP, then look no further. Raw Jam has provided a handy Python vs PHP blog so we answer that question for you!


PHP is strictly used for web development whereas Python is used for web development and as a general programming language. This means that python can be used for other purposes including desktop,  mobile apps and scripting (writing programs to automate tasks).


purpose of python vs php


Python is becoming more popular than PHP in general. The results of the 2019 Stack Overflow survey showed that PHP had a popularity score of 26.4% whilst python increased to 41.7%. Python has risen in the ranks year upon year and the fastest growing web programming language right now!

Syntax and Elegance

PHP is very practical in terms of deployment, hosting and having a WordPress CMS which is advantageous for developers. However, there’s so much poorly written PHP out in the world and it allows you to write poor code which still works.

Many developers and agencies don’t look fondly upon it for that reason as too much freedom can be a bad thing. For example, because of the poor coding, the code itself can be insecure and prone to SQL injections and other attacks.

That doesn’t mean that there can’t be good PHP code but Pyhton, on the other hand, is much more strict in its syntax and how it lets you put things together. Therefore it’s cleaner, more secure and garners more respect from developers/agencies.

Python vs PHP - Syntax and Elegance

Frameworks and CMS

Both languages have brilliant frameworks each. PHP has Laravel whereas python has Django. In terms of CMS, WordPress is still very popular but Django’s own CMS has come along leaps and bounds. Anyone who is familiar with WordPress’s CMS will find many similarities in Django and shouldn’t have an issue when populating or editing a website.


It seems clear that Django is the future in terms of web development, security and scalability. To enquire about Raw Jam’s own python and Django services, do get in touch with us today!


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