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We have helped deliver projects for the following brands.

We are an industry leading python and django company

With an innovative, positive and can-do approach.

User Experience

How a user experiences your digital product or technology is critical. We can help you plan around this and execute a compelling strategy.

Web & Mobile

Whether your business needs an app or website with clever functionality, or just a beautiful website to market it; our web and mobile apps are designed to impress.


Need help proving a concept to attract early stage investment or to impress a client during a pitch? We combine the right creative and technical know-how with clever resourcing to ensure you make the right impact.


We can help you make sense of your marketing and IT budgets over the coming months / years, by aligning them with impactful and cost-effective technological solutions.

User Interaction

Our solutions are not limited to web and mobile. Unleash your creativity with giant screens, cameras, RFID, motion detection and touch screens.

Who are Raw Jam?

Since our inception in 2005, Raw Jam have drawn a dedicated and skillful team whose passion for business, technical creativity and web development is unparalleled. Raw Jam has become an industry leading python development company; delivering web and app projects for a huge variety of clients across the globe.


Our team thrive on creativity, opportunity and progression. We are always talking current projects, web industry buzz and brainstorming ideas to ensure that Raw Jam stays fresh.

Why work with us?

Our clients love us, here’s a few reasons why…

Through years of experimentation we’ve found that although programming tasks excel with the careful injection of caffeine, other more creative and contemplative tasks flourish with the right herbal infusion. We promise to always honour this philosophy!

Designed to provide a strategy to ensure consistency, understanding and the required output each and every time. Ultimately, it’s all about knowing how to deliver. Get in touch to find out more about our approach.

We understand that a genuinely good idea is born through proper collaboration with the client and by first understanding the needs of the project at hand. Helping you get the very best out of your ideas is what we strive for.

We understand that every good relationship needs continued work. We’ve a range of services designed to help you get the most out of your time when working with us.


Thoughts from the team

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