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The Top 3 Python Applications

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Python is the king of programming languages and has so many great uses! We’ve narrowed it down to our top 3 python applications and they may just be able to innovate your business processes. Read on to see how… Web Development Web frameworks like Django and Flask have become extremely popular recently for web development. … Continue reading "The Top 3 Python Applications"

Python vs php

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If you’re looking to launch a new website or app but can’t decide between Python and PHP, then look no further. Raw Jam has provided a handy Python vs PHP blog so we answer that question for you! Purpose PHP is strictly used for web development whereas Python is used for web development and as … Continue reading "Python vs php"

Maverick entrepreneur: without the fat

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The word entrepreneur is thrown around frequently these days. Many (particularly those that watch the “The Apprentice” and “Dragons Den”, I fear) believe that entrepreneurship is synonymous with risk-taking, playing hard and forever yearning to achieve that holy grail of labels: The Big Cheese. Unfortunately this places an unnecessary emphasis on the ‘gut-feeling’ or the … Continue reading "Maverick entrepreneur: without the fat"

Understand how your business ticks, with key data points

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Speaking from our own personal experiences, we take great pleasure in developing new business ideas (whether our own, or for one of our clients) and even more pleasure when launching them. With the euphoria of the launch pumping through our veins though, it can sometimes be easy to forget the importance of properly understanding how … Continue reading "Understand how your business ticks, with key data points"

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