8 of the Most Popular Apps Developed Using Flutter

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Flutter is a popular framework released in 2017 that is used to create cross-platform apps with ease. It’s coded in the Dart language, which is an object-oriented language created by Google. The recent popularity of Flutter can be attributed to the huge list of features it has.

Features such as hot reload allow you to create mobile apps in a short amount of time compared to using other frameworks such as React Native and NativeScript. This is complemented by the fact that Flutter allows for cross-platform development, meaning that you only need to code the app once and be able to release it on various platforms.

The ease of use and quick development times has meant that Flutter has seen usage by some of the biggest apps out there. The UI and convenience of Flutter make it an appealing choice. In this post, we’ll take a look at 10 examples of popular apps that were made using Flutter.

1: Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular apps used by businesses and was made using Flutter. It provides the ability to monitor ad campaigns and analytics on just a mobile phone, instead of having to use a computer. This is a great app to access data at any place and take any necessary action.

Google Ads uses a pay-per-click model, and allows you to place ads in various places. Some examples can include search engines, websites and mobile apps. Moreover, it provides quick access to Google support if it’s needed at any point.

2: eBay Motors

eBay Motors was released as a way for users to purchase, sell and bid on cars. The team at eBay Motors had a very limited team, along with only 1 year to develop the app. They weren’t optimistic about SDKs, as they didn’t seem promising in the past. However, they had tried Flutter due to its ease of use and quick development times. The team was able to create the app relatively quickly, and to a high standard.

3: Hamilton

Hamilton is one of the most popular Broadway musicals of all time. Hamilton is the first major commercial app developed using Flutter, which helped skyrocket Flutter’s popularity. Similar to eBay Motors, Hamilton was also developed quite quickly – in just a matter of 3 months. Hamilton wanted an app that gave the perfect mobile experience on any device, which made Flutter a perfect choice.

4: Stadia

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service released in 2019 that allows gamers to play games via streaming. The appeal of Stadia is that games don’t have to be downloaded, meaning that gamers can start playing immediately.

Oftentimes, download times can be quite long depending on the game. Stadia completely overcomes this issue. Google not only developed Flutter, but they also implemented it in some of their own products, such as Google Ads and Google Stadia.

5: Toyota

Toyota had decided to use Flutter as they needed a high-quality app that went beyond just the standard smartphone. The developer experience of Flutter made it an appealing choice, as hot reload and cross-platform development are ideal features. This allowed Toyota to collect user feedback quickly, creating a better user experience in a short amount of time.

Toyota uses the Flutter Embedder API to create infotainment systems used in cars. The infotainment systems are powered by Linux. In addition to using Dart and Flutter, Toyota developed various other tools to help speed up development times even more while using Flutter. Moreover, they also developed design tools that run and validate software instantly.

6: Xianyu

Xianyu is the biggest second biggest retail platform in the Alibaba group. This is one of the most popular apps created with Flutter, with a staggering 200 million registered users. The app also has around 10 million users using Xianyu frequently.

The team decided to choose Flutter namely due to one big reason – a single codebase. This allows for much quicker development times than otherwise. Alibaba also had an existing app, which meant that the team could work on their new app by simply adding Flutter features.

7: BMW

BMW had an issue in that the Android and iOS versions of their apps had varying functionalities. They wanted a way to have the functionalities of both Android and iOS apps to be the same, along with the BMW and Mini Connected apps.

They faced an issue in cross-platform development, as the costs would double trying to develop for two different platforms. Using a cross-platform framework was deemed to be the solution, with Flutter being the ideal choice.

The app variations in terms of brands, countries and platforms were all created with a single codebase this time. The app was then released in 47 countries, with the same interface that was used on all platforms and in every country. User feedback was very positive as a result – all thanks to Flutter’s single codebase feature.

8: Reflectly

Reflectly is one of the most popular journaling apps that is available. This app is powered via AI, and helps users deal with mental health issues meditation and positive psychology. This allows the user to deal with stress and negative thoughts, along with improving their overall mental health. The team consisted of just two engineers, and was made in only 2.5 months. Using Flutter decreased development time significantly, and release the app for both Android and iOS.


Flutter is a versatile and effective framework that uses Dart to deliver high-quality apps in a short amount of time. Features such as the single codebase, hot reload and cross-platform development has led to some of the biggest brands choosing Flutter.

eBay Motors had a difficult situation where they had limited time and resources to create their app, but were able to do using Flutter. Google also shown the effectiveness of Flutter, as they had developed it and used in their Google Ads and Stadia apps.

Flutter is one of the most developer-friendly frameworks you can choose, and is a great choice for your next mobile app project.

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